Nelle - pencil driving portrait

Driving four wheels, loads of PS and fast down German motorways is my idea (and experience) of driving.
You can imagine how intruiged I was to discover a little more about the lower PS driving last summer.
Horses, controlled, focused, beautifully groomed and on a mission to win, greeted my Eos and I over three days at the annual Ostenfelde driving show.
Understanding a little more of the in's and out's of equine driving helped me no end in creating my first driving portrait.
Nelle is a 6 year old Haflinger/Welsch Cob mare with a massive heart and beautiful manner. Her blond looks and pretty movement are deceptive: she's a real "go getter". She won her categories not only at this show but also the over regional Westphalian Cup.
Her owner and driver found this portrait of her under her Christmas tree as a great big bonus success.

Pencil on Paper.
Copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant.
All rights reserved.

Next week, Black on Grey on White, will feature a guest post by freelance writer and internet consultant Michael Cash. Micheal will let us in on how to post our artwork online anytime. For those of us "on the go" a useful option to have up our sleeve.


Bet there were smiles allround on Christmas day.....absolutely stunning!!
Thank you Elizabeth :D She's a gorgeous wee mare and very "drawing-genic" :D
hbedrosian said…
What a wonderful gift! The details are absolutely exquisite.
Vicki Holdwick said…
I am totally in awe of your drawing talent and seriously jealous of your drawer full of pencils (grin).

I look forward to seeing more.

I'm sure someone was overjoyed on Christmas morning to find this under the tree.

Holly thank you:D
Vicki, hi, thank you and a warm welcome to Black on Grey on White. Will post a few more xmas commissions over the next few weeks.
Clipping Design said…
Thank you very much for sharing...

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