Florestan I A champion Sire writing history

Mention Florestan and you automatically mention: success, beauty, quality and ... history.
Florestan I is a German Warmblood (Rheinland) breading stallion with amazing statistics.

Since 1989, this Fidelio-Rheingold son has sired over 5000 mares (yep three 0's after the 5) which has resulted in the following historical statistics. (Actually, I have it from good authority that he is so successful that it is near impossible to count all of his offspring...)

55 registered sons in the Stallion registry
200 State premium mares in Germany alone.
Approximately 2000 show horses registered at the German National Equestrian Federation.
1.2 Million Euros life time earnings.

A bronze statue of Florestan I can also be found in Wickrath Germanyhttp://www.pferdezucht-rheinland.de/index2.htm

Knowing all this, you can now all fully understand the honour and the excitement I experienced last spring when I was given, not only a private photo-shoot with the star but also the request to draw a portrait of him. (A great big thank you to Andrea Stricker, his groom and rider, for her time.)

I went for something different.
I wanted to steer away from the classic head-shot.
I was looking to portray the cheeky, clever, smart and inventive horse that he his.

His professionalism was amazing.
Like a model, he enjoyed every moment spent in front of the camera and gave me pose after pose, spoiling me with workable material.

However, it wasn't until I caught him off guard that I knew I had my moment, my portrait.
A glimpse of the normal, ever inventive, young at heart champion sire.

This pose captures everything: his beauty, presence , charisma and character.
At 24 he's far from feeling or looking his age and has definitely mastered the art of holding on...

"Holding On"
Pencil on Paper. 29x40 cm

Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.


Ginger said…
Lovely Work! I liked your entire web site!
Ginger Brady
Linda Shantz said…
Gorgeous!! Incredible work (again) and I'm sure he was a ton of fun to do! He would fit right in with my bunch! ;-)
Ginger thank you and a warm welcome :D

Linda, thanking you. I can just imagine the chaos he'd enjoy causing around your ladies! Monster would, I'm sure, become his close accomplice :)))
sue said…
Wow, what a fantastic horse ... do you mean he 'serviced' 5000 mares rather than 'sired' them?

You've certainly captured his personality in this lovely drawing - he definitely doesn't look 24 years old :o)
LOL! Sue you are right serviced would be much more accurate ;) All the "activity" has for sure helped him keep him looking young.

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