Amazon and Polo...

Christmas commissions are in the making, all a little hush hush until the merry day is passed. Needless to say, the studio has been swamped with loud music, empty coffee mugs, pencil shavings and lights burning well into the night.
While all this was on the go great news reached my inbox...

"Holding On" has been chosen to appear in the upcoming Polo Players Edition more specifically in the "Making History" article featuring a quarter century of Polo and equestrian art.
Chuffed to bits, the way I am every time a graphite piece makes it alongside the strong contenders that are oil and acrylic...

Last spring, I was approached by a ICA publishing. They were putting a book of contemporary artists together.
International Contemporary Artists Vol1 has been created showing the visions of 262 artists from 42 countries and is now available on Amazon.
It's a stunning book filled to the brim with talent and great works of art.
Once again, I am chuffed to little bits to see "Complicity" and "Hurricane" feature in such great company.

Between you and me, had to giggle at the notion of having been able to reach out with the tips of my pencils and touch two totally alien worlds: Amazon and Polo.


Congratulations, Sheona! Great news. I hope these successes open doors for that lead you further on the road to bringing the joy of experiencing your art to many more people!
Thank you ever so much! Discovering new avenues and adventures and being able to share it with the world is such a great part of art :D

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