"Grégoire ".

Pencil on Paper. 18x24 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. 2010. All rights reserved.

Two weeks ago I was in Brussels delivering these golden curls and receiving a mother's seal of approval.
Child portraits are something so delicate and mesmerizing to create.
I was on tender hooks throughout the entire portrait.
Drawing the soft pure and innocent features of a child requires accuracy and very high concentration. Well, I felt that's what I wanted to give this gorgeous wee chap.
Gregoire (French for Gregory )has just turned two. He's a wee boy with bundles of energy and sunshine smiles. Being the youngest of three boys he is not into being left behind...
Emphisizing his sunny nature and energy were crucial to the success of this portrait.
Through this pose, a summer feeling of energy and fun was created and his surfer curls subtly emphasised. Having him look away from the viewer adds a certain sense of movement and his eagerness to "get on".
I was really chuffed with the way the portrait looked on delivery day.

Up on the drawing board and next in-line: two hairy - big eyed- four legged- wee hounds...


hbedrosian said…
What a beautiful portrait, Sheona. I'm sure his mother was thrilled!
Jo Castillo said…
Awwwww, this is absolutely gorgeous. It is difficult to dray or paint young faces and keep them young and fresh. You really captured this.
Lluís Sogorb said…
His work in graphite are a delight. It's great for my walk about your blog. Greetings
Arti said…
Subject is as sweet as the portrait..love those golden curls!I know the mother would be very happy with this.congrats.
ZeldaMom said…
Wow, really, really wonderful. I also draw, but my work doesn't look like this. I swear I could pick up a lock of hair. :)
Thank you all so much for the GREAT feedback :D
Grinning widely and waving vigorously!!!!

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