Big Ben new equine portrait finished

"Big Ben"
Graphite on Paper. 27x11 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Monday has turned into to Wednesday...late as usual!

Here is the promised updated and finished portrait of Big Ben.
The references I had to work from were, for various reasons, a little off.
This left loads of room for my imagination. I have used powder graphite to create the darker values. They limit the detail but give a lovely soft feeling.
Big Ben is just that: big. His features are are also a little larger than usual.
The frontal view was picked as it shortens his nose .
The result: all the attention goes to his large kind eyes.
Next step: the framers.


Kellea Croft said…
Great job. Your ability to make the subject jump out off the paper is amazing.
Thank you very much Kellea.

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