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Secret Knowledge (New and Expanded Edition): Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters Secret Knowledge (New and Expanded Edition): Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters by David Hockney

Start of a new month, time for another wee book review. In the spotlight today is David Hockney's "Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters".

Great book.

I love controversy especially when it targets the art world, when it stirs up the way we perceive and look at great masterful works of art; when it throws a whole new massive spanner into the works.

Optics or eyeballed?

That is the question.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I savoured it because of the artwork and the new light shining on them. (I still find myself today picking it up to satisfy a looming question, checking out uncertainties.)

The author has written a good book without long and technically soporific dissertations but with, beautifully illustrated examples and to the point explanations.
I found it thrilling in its controversy and inspiring through the art portayed.

Interesting questions are raised, convincing points of view given.
We (the reader, the artist) are pushed to draw our own conclusions.

A good read to open your mind to the shadows lurking behind the art world, more than a theory on how great art could have been created.
Intrigued, you should be, I know I was!


Anonymous said…
Your done it? about mailing it to me so I can read it ;-) !
Thanks for bringing Hockney back into the picture for me! I will definitelycheck it out. I loved his earlier art... now to read the man.
Jullia said…
sounds interesting. I'll search too this book.. and hope I'll find it translated in my language :D

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