6 days, 5 nights and blank walls.

You may have noticed a decrease in the number of my blog posts.
I apologies.
Last week was strenuous: hospitals are not the funniest places in the world albeit one of the most important.

Spent 5 unexpected nights surrounded by machinery, drips and blank walls.
Our youngest was hit by pneumonia. Badly.

Strangely enough my moleskin was in my bag with pen... it never is.

It helped.

6 days later, we are home safe and sound, jumping for joy (olympic jumps) the wee one is singing and laughing loudly (castafiore caliber).

Life is good again.

To all of you, where ever you are, have a "fan-da-bee-dosy" week-end.


April Jarocka said…
Sorry to hear that Sheona, but thankful he/she is better now. You must have been beside yourself with worry!
Sorry to hear your youngest was ill, but glad to hearthey are better now :-)
Jeanette said…
Events like that are never easy to deal with. I'm glad everything turned out well.

Welcome back.
Laure Ferlita said…
Oh, Sheona, what terrible news, so sorry to hear, but so relived to know you're back home and things have righted themselves!

Hope you enjoy your weekend - at home, safe, healthy, and surrounded by the people and things you love!
Hello all, Amelie is full of beans and is looking well again. The winter has been so long, the very young and the aged are really feeling the brunt. Your words and comments are brilliant. Thank you.
Marsha Robinett said…
So sorry to hear your news. When children are ill it is heart wrenching. When it is our own child it takes our breath away. Glad all is good on the home front again.

Don't you now just love all the little things Amelie used to do that irritated you? A family crisis makes the small things simply unimportant.

Good to see you back and God bless.
Bill Brauker said…
Glad to hear the wee one is home and well. Your blog is informative and interesting, and you are a wizard with those pencils!
Marsha and Bill, hello and thank you. Marsha you are so right: the little things are just that little and the big picture so grand.
ruthie said…
Sheona, oh my heart goes out to you. Nothing can cause heartache more than when your child is ill, so good to know things are on the mend. x ruthie x
Brandon said…
Thanks for sharing your notebook sketches, very interesting to see the process of a very skilled artist

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