Bumble bee on a broom

Tag... the good old game played by generations meets the cyberworld.
I'm it! (Between you and me I've been it for a while... Quite a while back I was tagged by whimsical .)
Today, first Monday of Spring is a good time for nice in-between-before-new drawing-wip-fun post
The rules are simple:take the 6th photo from 6th file and blog about it.
I'm in luck it's a great pic of a bumble bee on a broom.

Love bumble bees...
Did you know they call them humla in Sweden?

p.s: I'm meant to tag 6 other blogs...If you're reading this: you're it!


Jeanette said…
Great photo of a fat little bee. We had a real shortage of bees here last year due to harsh overwintering conditions. They were very noticeable by their absence. Hopefully this year will be better.

And, as I've visited, I guess I'm it now! I'll blog about something tonight. :)
Hello Jeanette. He is quite fat isn't he:) Look forward to seeing your 6th...Thanks for "Playing"!

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