Start of new pencil portrait. First steps.

Some of you may of been wondering if this was slowly turning into an amateur photographers picture blog. NO.
Back on track.
Pencils have been sharpened and performing.
Here to prove this statement is the start to Lilly's portrait.
Lilly is still only a baby. Through this portrait I would like to capture the tentative yet totally engaging smiles wee babies have and highlight the gentle protectiveness of a dotting mother.

Technical information:
Paper: Mellotex (Mellotex paper allows for great detail and smoothness. Perfect for a small baby's features.)
Pencils: 6B, 2B, F & 2H
Extra tools: BluTack & Staedler pencil sharpener.

Layout, composition and size was worked out through a basic sketch and sent to my client for approval.
The green light given serious rendering commenced.

Step 1
Eyes and shape of face.
Values are still being established as the darkest one is in the background.
I was happy with the overall result here and decided that the " perfecting layer" tweaking could be added much alter on.

Step 2
The background (and the darkest values)

Both the Jacket and the hair are drawn using a 6b Staedler Clutch and 6 hours of work.
I used prior indenting for the stitches on the pocket. The texture is achieved through varying the pressure and the number of layers. The jacket is still not finished and will need another darkening layer.

I have also been working on her dress today - tartan and I will post the next steps after the week-end once my eyes go back from square to round .
Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week-end.
See you Monday.


Laure Ferlita said…
Oh, Sheona, what fun! This is going to be lovely! Looking forward to the next steps!!
Lovely steps... :-)
Maria Hathaway said…
That's going to be a great drawing! I can't wait to see the finished product.

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