Clydesdale and Shires: inspirational for both drawing and photography

There's something magical as well as reassuring to having a base in ones home country.

Having been out of Scotland all my life, I really relish in the joy of going back there for a few weeks every year. The air, the wind, the sun, the landscape, the smells, the people and the world famous liquid sunshine all bring a much needed boost deep within.

This year was no exception: I've come home re-energised with 12GB of photographic evidence which I will be sharing with you over the next weeks.  Don't run away - these are NOT holiday snaps- rest assured but crucial references for my art.  

To proves this to you and without any further ado here are:

Katie and Lola.

Katie and Lola are best friends at Mabie Farm.

I first met these two gorgeous equines last summer and the result was a big portrait entitled "Gentle Gentlemen" (I was then unaware that they are mares and not geldings - no comment!).

The new photos I have of these ladies will no doubt lead to a follow-up portrait later on this year.

I will be sifting through more jpgs this evening and will post my findings tomorrow.

They will be about our four legged friends but, this time, of the barking kind...

Cheers for now


hbedrosian said…
You are a great artist and photographer! What beautiful photos to work from. I'm looking forward to seeing more. By the way, my husband has relatives from Scotland and we'd like to visit someday too.
Thank you Holly! If you ever get a chance to get over to Scotland. Do not hesitate - pack your wellies and just go - you'll love it!

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