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Sunday, 10 August 2008

A few canine pictures shot on speck, no posing involved.

I have sifted through and (somewhat) organised the major part of my "holiday snaps".

Todays selection is of the barking kind.  
A few highlights of canines on a day out and of hounds saying hi...
Hunting hounds were introduced to the public and the result was no less than thick muddy paw-marks on light jackets and peels of laughter from all ages.

Enjoy, there will be more soon but for now I'm off up to the drawing board to see how much dust actually settles after 3 weeks of absence...

Love people as much as foxes.


Spots and rubber flowers.... new season's trend!

Saw you...missed the puddles! Not so sure about mum!

Any chance of a hug...please!


whimsicalpam said...

Wonderful art and I love your blog! The Clydesdales are gorgeous and I've found some great links - so happy that I stopped by! Very entertaining - thank you!

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Many thank-yous for the positive feedback and stoping by. Great big welcome to Black on Grey and White!