"Past to Present" - finished pencil drawing

Here is Past to Present.

There will always be a gap between generations.  This is normal and healthy.

Past & present shows how much trust, respect, confidence, understanding and strength can be achieved by bridging generations. 

I loved drawing this piece.

Many reasons spring to mind (new territory, new subject, new challenge, new approach...)

However, the main reason has to be (symbolism aside) rendering three totally different textures: hair, cotton and skin.

I used a 2B, 5B (for the dark jeans) and F (for skin).  The T-shirt I will admit was rendered by blending 2B which I then layered with F to get the smoothed crushed feeling. The paper used was Mellotex a very thick smooth white paper.

I'm glad I found the TLC this piece needed last week. 

Now: it's back to gorgeous 4 legged subjects.

Cheers for now 


hbedrosian said…
I love this one! The textures are very well done. I especially like how you've handled the perspective - being at the level of the little girl with only a hint of the adult showing reminds the viewer of what it's like to be a child.
Thank-you Holly! It's nice to look at the world through the eyes of a child sometimes...everything is much more clean cut.
Linda Blondheim said…
Your drawings are truly inspiring.
Linda Blondheim
Thank you Linda! Welcome to Black on Grey on White

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