Ciao, spring feeling in full flow (New pencil drawing)

Here's the follow on to last weeks "Footloose": "Ciao"
Here is Zig Zag once again at full speed on a fresh sunny spring morning.  
The very interesting thing about drawing foals is the way in which you have to render their little muscles: they are so defined and tense yet underdeveloped.  The other thing is the over-dimensional width and length of their legs...a little surreal. Just can't help smiling when drawing them though.

Thanks for popping by,

more soon.


hbedrosian said…
Sheona, these last two drawings are great - they show so much movement and energy! I think they would be beautiful displayed side by side.
Jo Castillo said…
Sheona, your horses are outstanding. I love looking. Sigh.....
Kpeters said…
Love ths them all!!

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