Middle of the week and wondering where all the good art printers are!

OK so I ended last week on a fun note....visions of my work in a Museum.

Middle of the week, and I can't even seem to get them correctly printed.

OK, I tell a lie the three Zig Zag escapades: "Ciao", "Footloose" and "Fancy Free" they are printed, protectively packaged and ready for export. They are looking GOOD and officially for sale.
Popular demand has meant "Head to Toe" should also be available as a (perfect, available in 2 different sizes, printed on acid free top quality paper, signed by the artist with accompanying COA) print।
To this effect, I have run back and forward to the printers 6 times, sent endless pdf files and made a number of very polite phone calls, only to come to the sad conclusion that some people just don't have an inkling of finesse।
"Head to Toe" will be printed when and only when it is a 100% perfect.
Why I changed printers I hear you ask? No idea. I'm slightly mad.
I will eat a bit of humble pie and ask my initial (good) printer if he would mind saving the day.

So, end of the week: printer trips still on the agenda .

I tell you: I sense another "Response" in the making...!

After that wee rant...kettles boiled...time for a nice soothing cup of tea।


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