Inspiration Balm.

Spring in Bonn is "bloomin'" cool!

Many of you may remember, my studio suffered from a few "post move trauma" months at the end of last summer. (We moved lock, stock and barrel from Chimay-Belgium to Bonn-Germany)
It is, really, only recently that a momentum has been re-established and stamina no longer some kind of stranger.

Lazy- Sunday- afternoon- Trundles- along-the- Rhein season is now officially open (here are my photos to prove it).
Just the right inspirational balm the studio doctor ordered - that is of course if there is such a person!

Wishing you all an ace week, fill to the brim with creativity and inspired thoughts.


Looks like a great place to go for a walk :-)
Wizz you would love it :D
April Jarocka said…
Didn't realise you had moved....what are you going to do for Belgian chocolate now???

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