Paula in Pencil....

Pencil on Paper,
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

I would love you to meet Paula. Her portrait was wrapped and placed under a big festive German Christmas tree.
Paula is a wee “pup” with curls from here to kingdom come.
She's a real cutie, as her collar indicates pocket size would be an apt description. Pass the collar and look into her eyes and you will see she is as kind as she is wise.
Paula lives with a brown boxer, a giant Poodle and a yard full of dressage horses.
Let me tell you she is very much against the word doll and gives big a definition of her very own...


sue said…
She's gorgeous :o)
Everytime I think you've done your best, you raise the bar...wonderful.
And a Guid New Year to you and yours :)
adebanji said…
Astonishingly Beautiful!
Pencil Sanity said…
Oh she is darling. Very nice rendering.
Jeanette said…
Gorgeous drawing Sheona, all those curls! What patience you have.

She's a sweetie most certainly.
Sue: thank you and a warm welcome to Black on Grey on White:)
Elizabeth: smiles! The less time and more pressure I have the more I seem to want to do more...very strange always on a quest:)
Adebanji: a warm thank you! Taken to heart.
Pencil Sanity: She is and somehow it helps when they are so sweet to get through the tougher patches.
Jeanette: thank you, not sure it's to do with patience but more the bordering on insanity ;D Just kidding! Cut-up the process into sittings,played good music and it all fell into place.
Dors said…
Amazing...stunning... You just keep raising the Elizabeth says.

Love it and and she is so cute.
What patience with all those curls.

Great job.

RHCarpenter said…
You've captured the curly look of that fur perfectly and made her a perfect doll (but don't tell her I said that! ha ha).
Dors: thank you hope I'll be able to carry on raising it bit by bit :)
Rhonda: lol! Thank you Promise: not a whisper will leave my lips ;)
Kelley said…
Wow!! Her fur looks so fluffy and soft. Fantastic job! Can I ask how many hours this took to finish?
Kelley: a drawing with so many swirls and twirls adds a few hours to the process. 30-35 hours of pure drawing time were needed. I drew her nearly "life size" (image size: 32x28 cm):)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendy Mould said…
Great Job. I think you have moved your work up a notch with the last few pictures I have seen, particularly the way you developed her curls. It is really something.
Kelley said…
35 hours? Wow, that's amazing. You must have a lot of patience to work in such a huge format.

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