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This weeks circles are beautifully shaped but still displaying a wild side (which interferes relentlessly with any attempt at time management....)
I have just realised it's the end of January and I have still not got round to sharing two new books that have "hit" my bookshelf.

The first is:

Described by the artist as and I quote: "
That's 14 in Dog Years" is a beautiful summary of the over 360 paintings that were created in 2008. Including almost 120 pages packed with full color reproductions and text highlighting the year’s accomplishments, this is a book artists and animal lovers alike will treasure."

It's a wee bit more, I like to think of it as a "treasure trove book" filled with delicious, bright and vibrant dog portraits.
Able to capture in simple accurate brush strokes so much energy, affection and precision, the artist's work come alive on the page.
I first posted about Kim's art back in 2007 (read my blog entry here.) It's wonderful to see how far she's going.
Kim is a great artist with spirit and life.
Her work will make you stop, make you look, listen and remember...
(Discover more of the artists work at Painting a Dog a Day )

The second book now weighing down my bookshelf is:

"The Twice weekly Letters - July 10, 1999 to Sept 25, 2009" by Robert Genn.

This a beautiful book filled to the brim with words of wisdom.
Canadian painter Robert Genn has bound all his "twice weekly letters" together creating this 960 pages piece of written art.
I discovered the Letters two years ago and have lapped them up relishing the perspective they put on art and making art. They have been everything they've needed to be: inspirational, motivational and educational.
(I'm thrilled to mention that I have been quoted and that my name appears on the first page.)

If you would like to subscribe to the Letters simply go to

Both books are wee gems in their own right and so well worth getting a copy of.


I couldn't be more thrilled to hear you mention my book and paintings in such glowing terms. Thank you, Sheona, for your endorsement. I promise to work even harder on the next book!!
Kim you are very welcome! I'm convinced you are going to exceed expectations with the next volume!

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