Kim Santini, painting with colour and personality.

There are several artists out there that are having a great influence and indirectly helping me with my art and my understanding of the art world. Over the next few months I would like to pay credit to them, pay credit to their talent and the way in which they generously share their knowledge and experience.

The first talented artist I would like to mention is Kim Santini

Kim is the founding member of the CAG and fellow EAG member.

Kim Santini’s work is worth taking time to enjoy.

Once in a while you are struck by an artist, by their use of colour and light.

By work that is alive, colourful and vibrant.

I remember the first time I saw Kim’s work. It had all these attributes and more. It struck a chord.

The painting was entitled Patience.

I stopped, looked and really enjoyed.

“Patience”, a close up painting of a donkey, shows an imaginative use of colour and light to portraying a classic pose of a donkey. Kim brings emphasize to the donkeys mood by her use of colour and interpretation of light. Detail is left to a minimum.

The result is one of serenity, calmness and beauty.

Throughout all her work the colours appear bold, are always strong, leaving a very marked presence.

Somehow the looseness and carefree brush stokes really highlight her joy for life; her way of combining and using colour make her work memorable.

Her subjects are overflowing with life.

In “Rapt”, a portrait of a black lab, you wouldn’t be surprised if he was just to come out of the canvas to say hi.

In “Turlington” the emotion in this Border collies eyes so beautifully rendered.

Kim is also a dab hand at “controlling” her use of colour. This can be seen and enjoyed in Caravaggio.

“Caravaggio” is just superb. The palette is smaller, the effect enormous. Kim’s portrayal and interpretation of the sunlight on the baby boxers coat quite stunning.

A great artist with spirit and life, Kim’s work will make you stop, make you look, listen and remember...

Kim's energy and outlook on life have been a great eye opener to me. She has shown me how good it is to be oneself and all that one can achieve by just "getting up doing!". that life is to be lived with movement, feeling and memorable colours.


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