New art project, drawing of hands and cats.

I felt it was time to master a great but (I find) very difficult paper called Mellotex.
I had the great opportunity to assist Mike Sibley's workshop in July and saw first hand the stunning results this master achieves using this paper. Apart from possessing an incredible talent, I am hoping that this paper has a lot to do with his stunning drawings. (Checking out his work is really worth it and a definate feast for the eyes.)
The very interesting thing about this extra smooth sheet of paper is that forgives no sloppiness or rubbish pencil strokes but on the other hand allows for an incredible range of greys and textures.
Needless to say that over the last couple of days I have been going through a string of emotions ranging from utter frustration to letting out very loud sighs of relief.
Here is the second step of this "out of the comfort zone" drawing. I am soooo curious to see what my end result will be. The journey there is definitely a great learning curve ... no short cuts allowed just concentration and control.
More to come.....


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