Shameless trumpet blowing...


Graphite on paper, 37x26 cm

copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Please forgive me should this sound off key: not the world's best trumpeter...

Two of my three entries have been accepted to this year's Art Show at the Dog Show.
It's tremendous news which has brought one beaming smile to a winter trodden morale.

"Tall Grace"

Graphite on paper, 39x22 cm

copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Complicity and Tall Grace will be packing their bags (or rather packed into a crate) and flying off to the other side of the water, to Kansas.


Wendy Mould said…
Just trumpet away, those are both great pictures. I love your composition for both of them, very endearing and a little different.
Alex Zonis said…
This is wonderful news, Sheona! Well worth blowing a trumpet! (If it was of key, I wouldn't know - not very musical :D )

These are two fantastic drawings! I really like the emotion in each one. Congratulations!
kslaughter said…
Congratulations! I have followed your work for some time now and this announcement is absolutely no surprise ; ). "Tall Grace" literally makes my heart beat faster.

Bon Chance ; )!
Dors said…
Congratulations Sheona. Well deserved and good luck for the big day..

Great work. Love them both.
Great news Sheona and well deserved...lovely pieces :)
Clive Meredith said…
congratulations sheona,they are both great pieces and i'm sure they'll raise a few smiles over the pond
Sheila Wedegis said…
Wonderful News!!!!!! Exciting!!!!!
RHCarpenter said…
Congratulations! These are both outstanding pieces of art!
Good evening all. Thank you all for your kind words of support. Much appreciated and taken to heart ;)
Jeanette said…
Congratulations and well deserved. They're wonderful drawings.
Stacy said…
Congratulations! So glad you shared the good news. Your acceptance is well deserved as these are both beautiful and skillful drawings.
Jeannette and Stacey, thanks for ignoring the bad trumpet playing and taking time to leave your super comments. Much appreciated ;)

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