Laureus in the midst of circles

This last week has seen me spin around in the strangest circles...keeping me both on my toes and at the loosing end of time management.

Amazingly, there have been scribbles and crosshatching appearing on the drawing board.
My subjects' name is Laureus.
He's a rising star.
A gorgeous model.
An inspiration.

These are the first 10 hours into the drawing. I've decided to go big.
The tools used:
  • surprisingly only a 2B with a touch of 6B for the very dark areas.
  • Layers, lots of layering.
  • Mellotex paper (in Super white) available from Mike Sibley
I'm not sure how many more circles I'll spin this week... hopefully not too many and I'll be able to post an update soon.
Now ... what time is it?


Pencil Sanity said…
He already looks really beautiful. Glad you found some time to draw with all that is going on.
Sandy Maudlin said…
This is turning out so beautiful and sensitive.
Dors said…
Lovely work as always Sheona.
RHCarpenter said…
Oh, my! You are an inspiration!
Thank you all..circles are liking rounder again will post update soon.
Anonymous said…
Excellant work and an inspiration to those of us just starting to keep on going. Practice...practice....practice.
Arti said…
Looking great, has such soulful eyes.The muscle mass is also very good:)Hope to see the finished version soon.
What a beauty! I'm very much enjoying exploring your blog and art work.
Arti: Thank you! The finished version will be soon presentable;) He's a gorgeous chap with big honest eyes.

Hello Kathi a big warm welcome to Black on Grey on White. Great to hear you've enjoyed discovering my wee world.

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