Preparations: the next level.

Done a wee bit more on the "modeling" front.

The big news is that I have an extra room I can use. It's much the same as the first one, bright and spacious. (the model is a guesstimate as it has not been measured yet...)

Overview of rooms #1 & #2

All has been scaled to 1/20 including the panels and the mini reproductions.
(Printed out my work, laminated it and then cut out each individual image.)
Each drawing was assigned a panel and stuck on with sticky tape.
As all is still temporary, found it very useful to be able to move everything around.

Panels with laminated print outs

View into room #2

Aerial view of room#2

Entrance view into room#1

Arial view of room#1

The wee men help to get a better space perspective, as chance would have it they are pretty much to scale as well.

Feel a little relieved to have such a clear picture of things to come.
All that's needed now is loads more hard work.
Off to sharpen some pencils... Ciao ciao.


Going to be FAB - U - LOUS :))
April Jarocka said…
Oh..the little photographs are delish!! Like your project. Good luck when it all happens..keep us all posted.
Dors said…
This is just fabulous and love the mini art work.
Good Luck Sheona when you have your exhibition.
Do you have any date planned?
RHCarpenter said…
Congratulations on the upcoming show! And you have my admiration for doing this work ahead of time to see how best to present your work :) Good luck!
Wendy Mould said…
WOW, that is so interesting. It looks like you will be ready for the show. I like to set things up ahead when I do a show but you really set a new mark. Good luck.
Kpeters said…
What a concept!!You are brilliant my dear! I am in awe!
Gary Keimig said…
Wow. A lot of work. Looks like quite a project, Sheona. Good luck with everything and do keep us posted.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and God bless.
WOW, I am impressed!!! Love this model you've got here! Such detail. This must have taken a lot of time to put together. And those little tiny copies of your work are great!! You must have a lot of work available to do this. My problem is that I don't have enough work available at one time to put together a show like this.

I really admire your planning!


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