Preparations underway

This year I have a my first solo show in many moons.
In the best location.
Nordrhein-Westfalisches Landgestüt Warendorf
(The North Rheine Westpahlian State Stud of Warendorf.)
I plan to exceed expectations.
One of the things I am doing (to this effect) is create a scaled model.
Here are the first steps.

I have had two assistants: both female and both eager to have the last word. Our eldest is sick and off school and thought the idea of helping Mum quite cool and Jess well, she was in-between siestas and took it on herself to do the final inspection...

Seriously, before you all think me nuttier than I am, the reasoning behind all this is quite simply to get my head around the location. It is a nice big bright room, but one that has never been used for exhibiting anything never mind pencil art.
I believe this will help avoid a lot of complications at the time of hanging.
Tomorrow (another no school day) we will make the panels and maybe hang some mini reproductions... stay tuned


Congrats on the Solo exhibition :) Being prepared is good....especially if those are three very big windows :-s
Looks like a cool idea. Your kitty cat at least found that your idea had merit. Is he your final inspector?

It looks like the room has a lot of lighting, which can be a problem. The light from the windows can cause a lot of glare on your pictures. Perhaps having glare-proof glass in the frame will help a bit.

Is the place providing anything like grated walls or moveable walls to hang your work on? If so, perhaps those can be situated in such a way in the middle of the room to avoid the glare from the windows.

Just out of curiosity, what is the normal use of the room for your show? I went to the website but can't read that language. It looks like a wonderful location though!!

Anyway, congrats on the show!!! And the model looks terrific!!! :D

Hope your cat is not to the same scale ;-)

I would be off if so :-)

Pencil Sanity said…
How wonderful and exiting this is for you. This is close to the region where I was born.
Good luck with it and I do hope that you will post some photos of your display for us.
Linda Shantz said…
I think that's a very cool project you have going - and just seeing the early stages of the model, it looks like a very interesting space! I expect that will help you keep motivated to fill it! :-)

Very exciting!
Dors said…
There is absolutely no end to your talents Sheona. Looks great. and nice little helper.

April Jarocka said…
I would imagine it's going to be amazing Sheona. Love your little helper too...looks like my cat Charlie ;) All the best with it!
Joan said…
Congratulations Sheona ! What a fantastic idea to plan your show like this....It will go a long way in keeping you from getting too crazed when the date gets close to hanging. Sure wish I could see your show in person..... hope you'll post lots of shots when it happens !
Good Luck :-)
Joan Jannaman ( EAG )
Hi all! This project is more fun than I expected and really helping so much in clearing a few issues as well as raising new ones ;) Being a terribly disorganised person I am really having to think way out of my comfort zone: very rationally and precisely...
Looks like your "inspector" really gets into their work. :)
you are so brilliant. I am in awe.... and on my knees - you will own this show!!
Ann: Jess has taken this on herself...not sure I will follow her findings by the letter though ;)

Kim" oh I'm not worthy please stand up lol! Happy that the weather is not a factor I need to consider, everything else you can sort of plan...!

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