A Welly and a puppy, start of new graphite drawing

On the drawing board at the moment is the cutest of lab puppy.... and a wellington boot.
I shot the references for this new drawing last year in Scotland at the local agricultural show. (A real gold mine for reference pics and a brilliant day out for the family I have to add!)

Tools: Hahnemuhle Nostalgie paper. 3B, 6B, F & H graphite leads.

Steps: Here are steps one and two.
They show the progress made on the rubber boot and cotton chino trousers. I have never rendered rubber before and wanted to achieve its smooth yet dry irregular look. I found the best way of doing this was to use a flat tip 3B lead in a circular motion. A layer of 6B in the same way (flat tip + circular motion).
A sharp point is used to mark out the edges to the seam.

Step 3 shows the first stages of the cotton trousers...my concentration floundered and the result is poor. (I will come back to it tomorrow and see if I can save them from the "uglies" or if I re start from scratch.)
Wish I could blame a bad scan but I actually have not been able to find the right pencil combination.
I tried laying down the darker areas in with a touch of 3B, layering with F and then finishing off with a dry H.... this is when I stepped away from fear of tearing it up.... I wanted to save the welly (it's come out well)...

More tomorrow, million thanks for looking


April Jarocka said…
Looks great Sheona. I look forward to seeing how this one comes along!
All the best
Love it!! Keep going - the trousers look fine to me!!
Jeanette said…
Good composition. Agri fairs are always perfect to snap reference photos.

I've never drawn rubber or really thought about it much to be honest, but yes there is that texture to achieve. Looks like its working for you so far.
Your work is amazing. I'm so glad I found your blog!

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