A graphite artist looks ahead to her year 2009.

“Be yourself everyone else is taken. “ Oscar Wilde.

2008 was an important year: it was the year that got me to really see the difficulties, ramifications and complexities of being an artist.

The year that made me fully understand just how crucially important it is for me to let my soul get back behind my work if a new level is to be reached.

I lost focus on “me”, turning it to the technical.

2009 will be the year passion; heart and instinct are all invited (ordered) back in to do what they do best: inspire and push. The year I will act on Oscar Wilde’s brilliantly wise words on being ones self.

My goal is set, unaltered: learn all there is about pencil and art.

My chosen paths unchanged.

They are threefold:

  1. learning (knowledge is power),
  2. pushing boundaries (strengthening weaknesses) and
  3. sharing my findings (inspiring others).

These resolutions are maturing not changing. I will follow them; again. This year passion will lead.

Like with a good wine, the maturing process of becoming a good artist is done in stages: a gentle metamorphosis.

These chosen directions will bring clarity, stability and strength to my work.

They will allow my talent to decant, give me time to separate the rough from the polished.

They are resolutions I firmly believe in, they are worth the time; they are worth the dedication.

Art is a fragile.

It should not be rushed but allowed to grow in intensity, to develop a bouquet and be … spiced with magic.

"Quality Time"
Graphite on Paper, 2007
Copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant


Ana Tirolese said…
1) Your words are wonderfully inspiring.

2) This art piece is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful portrait/painting/art.
Anca Hodoroaba said…
Nice thoughts. I find myself in them. I really want to learn much more about drawing too, realistic drawing. And this year I want to meet more people really passionate about drawing. So I just made a first step :p
Nice blog. U really have talent ;)
Ana thank you:) Quality time is one of my favorites. So many memories and emotions come with it.
Anca, welcome to "Black on Grey on White". You've come to the right place: pencil is in the spotlight here :')
what lovely words Sheona. We have a great year to look forward to, and cheers with that wine decanting! :)
Cheers Jen, we have... here's to 2009!
Ana said…
Greetings Sheona. You are on the same path as me interestingly enough, especially with where you are in yourself, and using the Art to express yourself more throughout it. Your paths (3) are the same as mine, and I feel relaxed to read that your passion is leading. I feel that very strongly with me too. I am in tune with myself again, but more so through the openness behind the character, and it is clear that I will continue. A very wonderful journey to you. Peace and light.
Ana said…
By the way, that is a truly realist graphite drawing you have there. It goes beyond anything ever imaginable. I am re-learning to see again, through the clarity of drawing, and it's such an honest experience. Keep Enjoying.

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