Strange and unusual studio light and objects

A warm welcome back and greetings to all my new followers: brilliant to have you aboard.

I hope you have enjoyed a cracking start to the New Year.

My new working year has begun meaning Black on Grey on White is "back in action". Yeah!

As if to make the first day back that little more memorable there was a very distinct light filling my favorite room.

(To cut the descriptive rambling, here are 2 views taken from below.)

To all of you in the in the know about snow these are pretty "obvious" pics of a roof window covered in quite a large amount of the white stuff.  The snow's here again. Belgium is at a standstill and not enjoying it one little bit, certainly not at as much as the girls and myself...

Here's the other view, a much stranger studio view.

My blob of old, used & pierced BluTack (for those in the know about graphite tips & tricks a really efficient way of cleaning sharpened leads) was sitting quietly and so neatly begging for some kind of attention. The only attention I could give it today was a photo portrait of its strange and unique look. 

BluTack blob remained untouched (and a wee bit sad): today was a marketing, organising, catching up on email and fellow bloggers day.

Tomorrow will be a working " on the drawing board "studio day.

Eager to see where my inspiration will lead me and, who knows, catch a peak of BluTack blob's happy dance...!


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