Jack Russel portrait drawn in colour pencils

Ascot is a rare view: the result of my tackling colour.

He is drawn in graphite with a touch of coloured pencil and watercolour.

Gayle Mason's (Fur in the Paint) explanatory post has been a tremendous help. Her post on drawing cat eyes put me on the right track and it went from there. Gayle is not only a real expert at rendering, beautifully, animals in mixed media but is also very generous in explaining her process.

Digging in my heels and "just" going for it with lots of trial and many errors have been "what it took". I'm happy with the (almost)final result, the colours are discreetly present, there is depth and the portrait is faithful to my style. (I will put the portrait out sight for a few days and only then bring it back out to make any adjustments and tweaks before signing, spraying and framing.)

I only hope I have trialed and "errored" enough to be able to do another: Joris (Ascot's brother) has also been commissioned...


Stephanie said…
He is absolutely beautiful. I love the subtlety of the color and the way you chose to fade that color away. You are absolutely ready for that commission, Darlin'.
Many thank-yous for the vote of confidence Stephanie:) Really enjoyed creating subtle colours.
Jo Castillo said…
Sheona, this is just wonderful. Great character there. Thank you for sharing.
Kpeters said…
Ilove how you handled this portrait! Nell might need a portrait?!!!

Jo and Kathi again thank you! This positive feed back is making me think another is so totally do-able:))
hbedrosian said…
Fantastic! I like how you have added color in a subtle and realistic fashion, and also how it fades toward the collar. I definitely think you should do more portraits with color.

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