Last year's highlight, Ex Arte Equinus.

My highlight of 2008 has to have been asked to be one of four the judges For Art Horse Magazine Ex Arte Equinus art competition. Kathi Peters judged the painting category, Susan Leyland was responsable for the sculpture section and Melanie Snowhite accepted to judge the photography. I was invited to be responsible for judging the Drawing category.

I was honored beyond belief  and took the job to heart. I learned a remarkable amount and grew stronger as an artist from looking at and being responsible for judging work of others.
The show was a resounding success and of a high standard.

To make a great show fantastic there is now a book being published (available in February).
The artwork for the book is chosen from Ex Arte Equinus competition.
The Ex Arte Equinus book will assuredly be a small treasure for artists, horse lovers and collectors alike and no doubt make history for contemporary equine art.

LinkIf you would like to see the results of the show, they can now be seen on line on the Art Horse Magazine website.

If you would like to find out more about the book all the relevant information can be found here.


Jo Castillo said…
Sheona, congratulations! You seem to take the job to heart which makes for a great judge.
Thank you Jo: It was great learning curve teaching me how to look at art better by considering many important points as well as the heart.

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