Muddy puddles, mandarines and Dettol.

Sadly, at this end, we are back to muddy puddles, grotty light and diluted Dettol.
The rejuvenating energy and sparkle that seems to tag alongside extra low temperatures and extra white snow has most definitely thawed.

January is cold time, flu time; too many visits to the chemist time. It is the time when my main mission becomes keeping these things in check and the many cold and the flu virus at arms length.

Confirmation came yesterday, a pleasant radio presenter, cheerfully announced that yes the flu viruses were on the rampage and would be affecting at least one in ten of us…

Ah, I thought, let the cheeky blighters come… Like a well drilled duty officer, I have the home fires burning, dish-out warm meals daily, have stocked -up on packets & boxes of tissues, checked the sell-by-date on the Vitamin C jar, filled the fruit bowl with mandarins (a firm favorite in our house) and washed the floors with diluted Dettol.
Agreed this has sidetracked me from getting a serious amount of studio work done but ... I just love the smell of Dettol.
Let these wee viruses come and strut their stuff… I am PREPARED.

Living in a special place means exceptional views.
Above: photographs taken from standing at front door (in slippers), below: while out on a walk.

I’m going to cling to these breathtaking views as I wage my war against the cocky, overly confident and all too powerful viruses and their pals.
(Tomorrow, I will show you the view on my drawing board.)


April Jarocka said…
Wow Sheona, what a winter wonderland. I am so jealous! Great photos...Hope your family doesn't get hit by any nasties - even if you prepared.
So jealous, not even a measely snowflake here in sunny Scotland lol :))
April & Elizabeth -thank you!
Please don't be too jealous: these views are allready memories... Maybe we'll be lucky a third time and get to see them again this year:)
Tracy Hall said…
No sanow here in the far north of scotland either - but you are more than welcome to swap for the wind :) Such lovely pictures sheona, and I do hope you don't come down with the current bug.

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