A welly and a puppy. Part 2, the importance of subject knowledge.

I worked it out....the reason for yesterday's trouser dissatisfaction.
Limited knowledge and experience with...beige chino trousers.
I do not own a pair and never have. (Not knowing your subject so detrimental to your work.)
My husband does fortunately have a pair. They were pulled out, studied, felt and placed in direct view of the drawing board.
Did this help?
Most definately?
I fixed and jumped over the trouser hurdle and was able to get to my "real fun" part: the expression, the eyes, the soul.
Below, two more steps showing improved beige chinos and the cutest puppy coming to life.
(Oh and for all you graphite artists I stopped fiddling and I reverted back to my beloved 2B Derwent pencil....a small technicality with a big impact)


Tracy Hall: said…
Looking great, Sheona. I don't own any either, its handy you were able to get a pair to model though!
OMG! how do you cope without khakis? they are my wardrobe staple along with jeans and converse.... on another note, though, this piece is looking good!!

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