Tools of the trade needed for drawing two Jack Russell terriers.

I mentioned detailing the technical aspects of this commission. Well, seeing as it is the week end and a very sunny one at that I would illustrate a few technicalities with a photo rather than ramble on and keep you away from enjoying the sun.
My important working tools chosen for this drawing(as seen in photo) are:
  • Paper: Winston and Newton 200g, smooth surface
  • Pencils: Derwent H, 2B, & 4B
  •                Clutch Staedtler Mars 3B (2mm)
  • Blue Tack
  • Bullet pencil sharpener and clutch sharpener
  • Glasses  and 
  • very importantly coffee (has to be out of one of my three favorite mugs...!)

These allow for a good few hours of drawing and recreating a chosen subject.

The second step in this portrait was working out the second eye. Focusing on getting the expression right before going further. I do this by using all my reference photographs. I know Titus which makes it so much easier to know what to look for.
Shading and darkening still needs to be done but for now the initial feel is right.  
Notice how the nose is squint...will correct this in the next step.  I'll correct this by using my blue tack and dabbing away, squinting at the drawing and measuring.
In all spent roughly 70 minutes (give or take) on this stage. 

Won't be posting tomorrow: Mummy's day and I'm off for the day with my wee family.
Back on Monday.
To all the Mummies out there have a wonderful day!


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