Spring Cleaning away my studio's winter blues....

For once the rain was not the "one" keeping me indoors....
No, the day was glorious unusually bright and sunny.  A real clichée of a spring day!
This, I am sure, is what brought on the urge, the incredible "not going to leave me alone" urge
to tidy-up, hoover, de-cluttered and refresh a studio still bogged down by the winter blues.

Don't run away yet, no cleaning, dusting or polishing technics will be  discussed or detailed in this post: promise.  
Allthought, I did get many household tools out and ended up using them 
(hoover, duster, glass cleaner, polish, rubbish bag...) and feel quite up on the subject.
Actually, I'd much preffer to show you what I found in my "organised" mess.
Apart from feeling on top of things again
(amazing how vanishing clutter can do that!),chuffed to bits for having conquered the pain of organising and knowing that no projects, commissions and tasks 
had been forgotten (found loads of ticked "to-do-lists"), I unearthed some little hidden sketches. 

Recovered from the under my pile of "must file" are a few of my naive attempts at colour.... 
Interesting how instead of destroying them I buried them...

Nice to be able today to revive them and give them a little light. 

p.s: Now the studio is done...the house really could benefit from a wee bit of freshning up.  
Good thing the urge has still not left me alone!

Cheers for now


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