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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Canine commission: start of second Jack Russell

After reaching a bit of standstill on Monday, I carried on by starting with the eye on the second Jack Russell . Basti is much darker, has slightly bigger and darker eyes as well as a straight ear.
For the eye I sketched it out with a 2B, drew the pupil in using a 5B and I went from there. When drawing eyes I find it very important to keep picturing them in my mind (how I remember them)as opposed to what I see in the reference photograph. It keeps them real. This true for every feature but just a tad more so for eyes: they make or break a portrait!
The pencil used for the darker areas was my clutch filled with Cretacolor 3B. I only let go of it in order to pick up my 2B to draw the darker shading of the tongue.
At the end of this phase I have probably clocked up another 12 hours (give or take a few minutes!)

The final stretch is just around the corner...will try and get it posted for the week-end.

Thanks for watching,
p.s: questions and queries are of course very welcome, I realise I may not be too clear sometimes...

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