Study in graphite of horse's leg

The coffee shakes finally wore off (bad time management there!) and the finishing touches were finally drawn with a steady hand.

Here's "Elbow Room".
The wee story behind this drawing is the direct result of Albert Camus' fantastic quote "freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better". 

SO, I decided to take a (well needed) break from commission and exhibition work, let go of the various pressures and see what my mind would give me.
I became deaf to "what might be nice to draw" and set myself instead a biggish technical challenge. 
How do you or rather how would I give a vertical line energy?

"Elbow Room" is taken from reference photos I have had (stashed away in both my mind and studio) for over 7 years. This is the foreleg of a Rh.D. kaltblutt stallion stationed at the Warendorf National Stud (Landgestuet Warendorf) .
I used pencil (2B & 6B) for the entire drawing. The shadow on the left leg is "glazed" over with loose charcoal (6B).  

This was fun and somehow I feel as though I've been away for the last 2 days...strange!
Will definitely  be back at the drawing board tomorrow with extra gusto and.... NO coffee (well maybe only one!)


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