Third stage of Work in Progress for canine pencil portrait

Following to my last posting, here's how things are looking after a good long session today.
Third stage of work in progress.

In today's session I focused on:
  • completing the eye. Still needs darkening and tweaking.  This will be done at the end.
  • straightening out the nose, loads of squinting, darkening and measuring involved. Do not enjoy drawing noses as much as I could.
  • giving Titus a tongue  (with quite a bit of detail), I used a 2B (dark areas) and F pencil
  • and giving shape to his nose, mouth and side of his face using a 3B pencil to map out the darker areas.  

To be very honest, I have come to a stand still...

Physical reasons: neck is a bit too stiff and brain in need of a break.
Time reasons: basically run out of it.
Technical reasons: missing too many tonal and value clues. Titus's portrait and pose will need to be compared to the rest of the portrait.  
This is a double portrait.  Yes, Titus has a brother Basti and he is to be portrayed along side of him.  (He is sketched in very lightly, so lightly that the scanner did not pick it up....) making it impossible to see the first layout strokes.

Step four, the first step in Basti's study, will be divulged tomorrow.
Hopefully after finding the same precious 270 minutes as I did today...

Off to look at the sun set.  Cheers for now


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