Approved, polished, framed: Final steps in Jack Russell pencil portrait

Here they are, two peas in a pod, cheeky, tweaked and framed.  Basti and Titus have been approved and will be making there way off to Germany.

Kept my pencil away from them over the week end (most of you have no doubt noticed the revamped blog.... This is a direct result of not allowing myself to go back too soon to tweak). Hope you like the new look I've given my "Black on Grey on White". 

So: spent today, tweaking and polishing a few areas, scanning and recording all info for my database.

To get a clean and a web perfect image of my work  I took two individual scans (300dpi) of the drawing.  I then I joined them and cleaned the new image using  Photoshop Elements.  
I have this Photoshop version on trial for the next 27 days.  It's good.  Actually, I am pretty sure I will be purchasing it. It seems to fit the bill perfectly.  Between you and me, I am quite chuffed as it is a fraction of the price of the full blown Photoshop (of which I would only end up using the 1/2 of the 1/3 of the 1/4 of its features !!)

Oh is that  the time! I've just realised I only have another 26 days to make my mind up about Photoshop Elements....must get cracking at learning a few more of the ins and outs.
Going to be a long night...


Tracy Hall said…
Beautiful work, Sheona!

I'm sure you will want to keep Elements. I have the full blown version but as you say it does so much I will never use half of it. Still trying to work out how to get it to make the tea actually - I bet it can :)
Thank you!
Tea & coffee features: now there's a thought! Must investigate further...
Donna Ridgway said…
Hi Sheona,
I've used Elements for several years, upgrading as I go. I like it. I haven't found anything I need to do that it doesn't do....
Hi Donna,

well, I must say,a few days further into the program and I am pretty convinced! Looking good...

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