Finishing stretch in new commissioned canine portrait

Here they are: pretty much finished.
I spent another 4-5 hours on Basti. Working on his ear and teeth mainly and achieving a little more shape to his head and nose.
The result so far is quite OK.
Now I put the drawing out of sigh. Not seeing it for a couple of days means: fresh eyes, being able to instantly pick out any mistakes, sternghten the weaknesses and/or "not so strong"patches.
During this time (of absence) I contact the client(sending them a scan for their approval), get the paper work done, process the commission (size, medium, date...) into my database, clean the scan, organise the framing and finally publish it to my portfolio website.

Here for your viewing is a raw (dirty) scan of Basti and Titus. The portrait will still be tweaked I am sure of that.(I can allready see a few spots!)

Off to find a nice safe place for it hide for a few days.

Have an excellent week-end!


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