Spring rain brings wee changes inside graphite artists studio.

Re-arranged Desks

Daylight light + view of drawing board

New wall unit for files,books and music + trolleys for pencils and other tools.

Spring has brought its annual wind (and rain) of change.

This is good.
Good for millions of us.
Good for many reasons.
Good for one place in particular: my wee nookie of a room I love to call "my studio".

You can see more of my nest in a previous post and picks , for those of you familiar with this post you may well realise that the changes are minute...but important!

  • A new wall unit allowing to organise more literature, files and better sound (hi-fi sitting high and proud).

  • repositioning of desks making room for better movement: "rolling around in chair" (the slant in roof makes standing virtually impossible).

  • new daylight artist light (most excellent xmas gift). The studio faces south and is not ideal for working without artificial light...long story!
  • de-cluttering trolleys of unnecessary bits and bobs ( we all know about those and how dificult it can be to sift through them, right?)

Little changes in a small place make a big impact,.

One of the direct results energy is back and power is restored.

The studio is organised, the drawing board clear and pencils are sharpened: the moment is perfect for a new wave of work to commence...

Equine, canine and figurative works are lined up and will be gladly shared with you over the coming weeks.

It's great to be back and "rearing" to go !


Sally Lancaster said…
What a lovely studio! Very jealous, I have to share my space with guests and my husband's work suits (no hanging space in our bedroom!). I can't wait to have a dedicated studio one day. :-D
Arti said…
wow...you have got such a lovely, well equipped studio....looks so inviting! I just dream of my private space:)
April Jarocka said…
Makes me want to post up a photo of my studio Sheona, but it's currently in use as a guest room. At the moment I am working at the kitchen table. but the place soon starts to resemble a bombsite of pencils and other arty bits after just five minutes. One day I am going to build a studio of my own with a small gallery space linking through....one day....
Lovely studio...you ain't seeing photos of mine now or ever lol....well maybe someday when the faeries have giving in a good clear. Love the seat very plush :))
Laure Ferlita said…
Good for you!! You do have a lovely studio, Sheona, and it most of have been the time for re-organizing/cleaning up (it is Spring after all!) as I started in on my studio as well. And you are so right about the small changes - they're huge in a small studio!

Can't wait to see the new work!
Ruth J Jamieson said…
Congratulation on the changes and improvements to your studio. Always good to clean out and organize! I'm looking forward to a dedicated studio someday, right now I have a corner in the dining room. Enjoy! ;D
Hello to you all!
Love it to bits and feel very privileged being "top dog" in this space... the cats & the girls take over that position in the rest of the house:)
looks like a great room

Wizz :-)
Grahame Butler said…
well it just about wins over my drawing board on the kitchen table!!! if only we could get the kids (22 and 18) to leave home I could convert the their bedrooms...

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