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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Black Stallion Charisma. A little more progress.

Step 3: Jaw line finished, nose band and a few shadows added to face. Chest started. Blank spaces left for the leather on the neck.
This is what one could refer to as the ugly phase...
I can't believe the way I'm fumbling around with his neck muscles...I'm not getting the shape right.
No worries: I know what I'm looking for and I will get my (misbehaving) pencils to humour me:)

Step 4: chest darkened to help establish depth, neck mapped out and top line penciled out. Somehow I feel I've taken a wrong turn and have now found myself at a dead end...

Only one cure: take a short break, find bearings and post new update tomorrow.

Cheers from a frustrated graphite artist.


Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

i'm cheering you on - know you can work through this!!

An English Shepherd said...

I think its looking good !

Wizz :-)

Arti said...

Hi Sheona...great progress.I always lose it when I go towards darker tones.Would you mind telling me what paper do you use?

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Kim much appreciated, thanks!
Hello Wizz, thank you will get there.
Arti, darker tones are just layers and layers. This drawing is done on Hannemuhle Nostalgie paper. It has very little tooth and is a nice off white.