Finished pencil portrait of baby Lilly.

26x22.5 cm, graphite on paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. 2009.

This portrait has been a long time in the making.
Many external influence kept dragging me away from the drawing board and because it took my wee brain way too long to figure out how to render all the intricacies and in's and out's of the tartan without going O.T.T.
After much deliberation I opted for a looser effect.
Her wee face is in the spotlight (and very detailed) by over working the tartan the piece would have become too rigid.
I'm really chuffed by all the lessons learned and the result.
The icing on the cake: the client is over the moon and cannot wait to have her hanging on their wall.

Before saying cheerio for my Easter break I would like to extent a big cheery wave to ALL my followers.
Sadly time has not allowed me to personally welcome you all, but please believe I am so excited to have you all follow my wee tribulations as an artist.
Will be back in 10 days.
Very best Easter cheers from me here to you wherever you are!
May the Easter bunny leave you all an extra portion of joy and a serious mount of choc eggs...:)


hbedrosian said…
Sheona, Lilly is beautiful! What an incredibly lifelike rendering. Have a wonderful Easter break!
Great work Sheona she looks a wee cherub. Have a wonderful Easter :)
Laure Ferlita said…
This turned out phenomenally well!! Just love how you rendered the tartan. It looks like you would feel the texture if you could touch the paper but does not detract from Lilly's face in the least! Bravo!

Happy Easter to you and yours! Enjoy your break!
Anonymous said…
Wow. Breathtaking and amazing what can be done with just a few pencils.
Heather Page said…
Wow, amazing!! Happy Easter!
Christine said…
This is just gorgeous! The shading on this piece is done very well. I really admire your work!
Happy Easter to you also!
April Jarocka said…
Sheona, I hope I've caught you before you log off for the holidays because I just wanted to say 'exquisite'. Great pencil work. Happy Easter to you and yours!
What a great picture, you should be very proud of it :-)

And a Happy Easter to you !
Linda Shantz said…
What an incredible job, Sheona. You are deserving of many Belgian chocolate eggs!
Kpeters said…
Sheona, What a lovely moment you captured so well!! Lovely!!
I'm overwhelmed...thank you (this is said in a genuine warm voice and not a clichee one)
Reading all your comments is so humbling and invigorating. I feel like a peacock wearing a hat and shades: proud but trying to stay low!
I wish you all a brilliant Easter.!
Kelly said…
Oh my goodness! You drawings are beautiful!! I just came from Laure's "Painted Thoughts" blog where she recommended we visit you!
pencilportraits said…
Wow, just fantastic.
Teresa Mallen said…
Lovely work Sheona! I came from Laure's blog as well. I can't get over how quickly you did this piece. I work in coloured pencil and some of my work can take a while. :-) Happy Easter and may you have a wonderful holiday.
Grahame Butler said…
This is a beatuful piece Sheona, great rendering of the fabric textures. Happy Easter
Lis said…
Inacreditavel a realidade que passa seus desenhos, abra├žos da Lis
Happy Easter to you all :-)
Jo Castillo said…
Outstanding! A great cuddly baby. Hope your break was super.
RuthJJamieson said…
Lily is a triumph Sheona! Exquisite in every detail! Thank you so much for sharing her with us! ;D

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