Charisma : a pencil portrait taking shape.

Back on track.
Below the proof.
Step 5: Top line in neck defined and detailed helping to accurately define the neck muscle.

Step 6: Leather bridle and pelham bit added, more work on muscle structure in both chest and neck.

Music, back bone and inspiration to many artists, was my rescue as I started work this am.
Song #3 on Depeche Mode's Sound of the Universe saved the day (and more grey hairs!)

The title: "Wrong"!!!


Laure Ferlita said…
Perseverance. It almost always comes to my rescue.

Very well done, Sheona. Regardless of your missteps, it's looking fabulous.
Yes its looking very good

Wizz :-)
J.Deans said…
Gorgeous piece, looking forward to seeing the final result!

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