Steps 4 and 5 in Baby graphite WIP.

More work has been done on Lilly's portrait.
The internet connection was close to non-existent yesterday allowing for more drawing and unfortunately no blogging.

Todays steps show how the hand, the dress and the baby's head have taken shape.
Step 4
There is more detail coming into the dress.
A 6B was used, lightly mapping out a route for the folds in the dress, the tartan squares and the shape of the mother's neck.
I have not quite worked out how to render the tartan and to be honest if I wasn't a Scot I would be cursing this gorgeous material to "kingdom come"...
The hand was drawn using light 2B shading which I then blended with... toilet paper. A top layer in F was added.

Step 5
Here progress is made in both defining and refining the shape of her head, the expression of her mouth and the lay of her baby hair.
Before doing this a darkening layer was added to the background jacket. I felt the dark value was too weak and could use a bit more oomph!
I worked on her expression and head through careful application of F graphite for the skin and 2B for the strands of hair.

Step 4: focus brought to hand and dress. Notice protective sheet of paper on right.

Step 5 Work on head and expression.
(p.s:The muddy look in both images is due to scan. Her wee face does not look this blotchy when seen live!)

Back soon with more.
p.s: Music has also been a major key so far: bringing focus and sustenance. Thank you Reammon and Snowpatrol...


Laure Ferlita said…
She appears to be coming to life right before our eyes! You have a darling subject, but I also think you've done an amazing job on rendering such a tender subject. SO amazing!
hbedrosian said…
Wonderful detail and expression in this portrait!
pencilportraits said…
really liking this Sheona, will be back to see more updates
Thank you all for the kind words. Lilly is a doll and such a brilliant subject. Drawing her brings back (not so old) memories of holding my own wee ones...!
ruthie said…
beautiful detail, wonderful subject! sweet memories too
can you see me? i'm bowing down to worship you.
How lovely... :-)
Just wonderful....the detail leaves me speechless and thats not easy lol
Million thank yous.
Love comments and these have made my day:)
Kim: what a hoot!please don't bow so low...I'm very flattered though:)

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