Black Stallion Charisma. Start of new drawing

A horse. Yeah! It has been a wee while since Black on Grey on White has featured a horse. The last being Drawing a Blank my interpretation of an equine nose
This is the start of Charisma's action portrait.
My classic combination of Hahnemule paper and Derwent pencils are being used harmonising (indirectly) with a very classic show jumping perspective.
The contrast has been pushed a wee bit to bring out more in the scan.
Step1: initial layout mapped out, eye brought to life and darks established.

Step 2:Work on expression and shape of cheek and jaw line

Charisma is my center of attention this week so there will be more progress steps posted over the week.
Looking forward to sharing them with you until then back to the drawing board for step3.
Cheerio for now.


April Jarocka said…
Looking Gooooooood Sheona. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.
Grahame Butler said…
Great work as always Sheona, also interesting to see how you start a new drawing, looking forward to seeing this develope.
Hello April: Have to admit being a little skeptical: working from bad references: fingers crossed.
Hi Graham: Thanks. Most important thing is to get the eye to come alive the rest "flows" from there.
Grahame Butler said…
I agree 100% I always start with the eye. if I dont think it's right I have to start again.
Looking forward to seeing how this one will turn out :-)

Wizz :-)
Lisa M. Rodgers said…
Hey Sheona!

I love your work! As I have always stated, you've got mad drawing skills gal!

Arti said…
It great to see your work in progress...I followed your baby lilly portrait, and it helped me improving my art greatly.Thank you for sharing your style of working...

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