Looking inside a graphite artists' studio.

Have you ever wondered and secretly wanted to look into an artists studio?

Curious to see where the work is created?

Welcome into mine (It was tidy and the light was good, perfect conditions to let the world in.)

Hello and welcome!

It's small (you can only stand up at the door and one metre in), it's draughty, too cold in winter, too hot in summer, one straight wall, little storage place and faces south...but I LOVE it.  It is my space, my little kingdom, my little room where I can close the door, let the music blair and draw, draw and draw.

I have 2 desks, one for matting and cutting and flat work and holding my stereo, the other one is THE drawing board - it's on a slight tilt.

I have a sheep skin on my chair - keeps the back pain away.  Worked for my horses - seems to works for me.


I have 2 mechanics red trolleys (they are brilliant) I love the drawers and the way they "fold" away.  The best solution for organising all my bits and bobs and being able to find them in a heart beat. (Would love to be able to fit in a third...!)


All my pencils and co fit perfectly

I have shelves for all my references, books, paper, stationary, files, mementos and archives.

My curiosity to see how others work and the inspiration for this post came from stumbling across a blog named "on my desk"

Here illustrators, cartoonists, designers and any one into creating have shown and explained a little about their studios.  

I enjoyed my visit there, I hope you have enjoyed yours here.

Time for me to get back to the drawing board and open the drawers of my favorite trolleys...


Cecelia said…
Beautiful work! And what a cozy place to work! I put some pictures on my blog of where I like to work . I have an office building out in my back yard for a studio, but I never go there. Too far from the bathroom, kitchen, water, heat,etc. I seem to have picked a favorite bedroom window and work there, or while sitting on the couch, or at the island counter in my kitchen!
Enjoyed your blog.
Hello Cecelia,
thank you and big warm welcome to "Black on Grey on White"... not sure my studio could be used as anything else (except maybe a storage room - so little room for standing up.) I'm glad you like it. I go and work and no matter the time or weather feel content. Goes to show that size really doesn't matter...
Jeanette said…
What a lovely little spot to draw in, almost cocoon like. I love it.

And the mechanic's trolley's - a stroke of genius! Why didn't I think of that?? My husband is disabled now and has a raft of them in the barn! I need to do some good cooking to get my hands on them methinks..:)

And your drawing is beautiful. I too am a graphite fiend, with occasion forays into paints.
Jeannete, thank you. Don't hesitate about the cooking: you won't regret it - these trolleys are just the ticket:)
Anonymous said…
hey, there, I just know you a little bit more now! and how brilliant you are, mechanic storage! why didn't I think of that?!

all the best,

Wendy Mould said…
You are right it is very interesting to see other studios. I must admit I have more space than you but it sure is not utilized as well as yours. I am amazed you fit into one area as I find my art things spreading throughout the house. Where is your computer??
Thanks for sharing, Wendy
Hello Wendy.
Tishy small and very cosy.
I have deliberately kept my computer out of the studio (I only have my scanner set up where I work). I like to having down where the family are. Keeping out of the studio cuts out a little on the distractions ;)

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