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Friday, 11 July 2008

A great read for all artists "that can take it straight" by Hugh MacLeod

Many of you may have noticed the new widget cartoon in the right hand column.  
Cool isn't it?  (and it changes very regularly...)

I had to add it to Black on Grey on White after reading the author's - Hugh MacLeod - 49 pages on "How to be creative" 

49 pages on the value of being authentic and hard working.
I love his sense of humour, his bluntness and the very valid points he brings up.
Somehow, I don't mind being referred to as a noodle and told that I am hiding behind pillars...

A recommended read to all that are fed up of being swamped by theories, thesis's and (supposedly) novel ideas on how to become a great artist in a heartbeat with slippers on!

A refreshing, energetic read filled with truth dished out with a big spoon.
The icing on the cake: free as a pdf download generously provided by Hugh himself.

P.S: You can discover a whole lot more at

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