Reading material for the summer.

I am busy putting pile of summer literature together.  My objective for these holidays is to take some hand-picked "work" books away with me.  To work without working! The drawing board will be staying in my studio but my sketch pad, books and camera will be all be packed with loads of TLC.

Another cool new feature I've added to the right hand margin is on my bookshelf.  All the books I have featured on this bookshelf are actually physically present on my real wooden (crowed) bookshelves, some I have read. The ones I haven't are being packed.

The other part of my cunning plan is to share them with you over the coming months. Many of you may have remembered I started with Rien Poortvliet back in May. (Great news: The Gnomes is most definately still available despite rumours of the contrary... Tried and tested: I ordered an extra copy just to be on the safe side...and it arrived safely.)  

So, when I've finished the first books I will most definately post my reviews here.  

My summer pile is currently made up of 8 books directly related to art, all of which will be read with great delight.  I love reading and never seem to have the right amount of time for it. I am so looking forward to this mission...

Before saying cheerio for today, I wanted to share a photo of my next canine commission.  

Here is Anton. 

"Anton" is a stunning 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback with a great sense of humour and a big heart.

He's the chap in the back, the lass in the front is Gypsy.  For the wee story: I drew her 12 years ago (unfortunately before I had a good scanner... sadly no decent image of the original drawing available, sorry!)  

It was great meeting up with her again. She was 2 when I did her portrait. Had a lot more black hair, was still as tiny and still posessed the same (huge) amount of spunk!  A great lady!


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