The 3 incredibly important basics when exhibiting art.

Great week-end...just finishing catching up with everything!

Thought I would highlight 3 important basics for exhibiting art before getting back to the drawing board. 

These 3 points are SO easy to organise and SO crucial for any kind of success.

  1. Take good work clean and if possible framed
  2. Put a price tag on the work (this should include at least the  title, medium and price)
  3. Have printed business cards with all your contact information.

You are now shaking your head in disbelief at me pointing out such obvious points. (Points that have been made over and over again I know!)

You would be surprised...

I came across 8 artists that were showing their work at the week-end without one of these basics....and to add to that they left their work unattended for the day... This is where I shake my head.

Sunday was an eye opener... the irony of this lack of common sense is that people don't and can't show interest in the work displayed and that the artist then ends up taking it personally.

So for all of you out there going off to show your work and are feeling aprehensive.

No worries as long as you take work that you want to show, have a price tag and make it easy for people to get hold and remember of you, you will have a great time.


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