Virtual Sketch date, pear drawing

"Two Pears in a pod" 

28x15 cm, Pencil on paper

Here is my interpretation of this months Virtual Sketch date

Both pears are done in graphite, the bigger one using Derwent 2B and the smaller one using Derwent Graphitints.

As usual my strange vision zoomed into only a part of the reference photo. The lay and the shadow play of this particular pear, for some reason, inspired a "quick" sketch.  (This piece was done in just under two hours and therefore, I hope, still qualifies as a sketch.)

On reflection: my feeling is I should do it again and this time have the colour in the foreground... off balance the way it is right now.

Million thanks to Belinda Lindhart for providing the pick.

Have a great week-end! 


Barbara Weeks said…
I love the pear done with the Derwent 2B. Even in black and white I want to take a bite out of it!
kay susan said…
Put together like this, these somehow make an amusing and quirky image. Made me smile!
Thank you both: must admit I did have a smile while working!(I really enjoy these challenges)
Stacy said…
I like both of these! You did a great job capturing this tricky form. I like that you included the bumps and bruises that give this pear character.

By the way, even though the challenge is called a sketch date, finished works are accepted. :)
Jeanette said…
This is a neat perspective on the pears and very appealing. I like both of them in fact. Graphitints work well for this fruit. Beautiful work.
Andy said…
Hi Sheona, I like both your renderings of the pear, both are beautifully done, full of texture and contrast. Now I want to have a go with the Derwent Graphitints :o)
The Tile Lady said…
Wonderful pears! I like the contrast between the sizes, the two pencils and the B&W/color. It makes a wonderful study. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on my charcoal drawing of the pears, also! This is my first time to do a Virtual Sketch, and I am enjoying myself!
I very much like both of your pieces. This was the most interesting pear, I thought, because of the shadow that had so much going on, quietly.
Thank you all for the great comments..
I love a challenge, never attempted to draw a pear... Liked trying to understand both the shape and texture as well as discovering a little more about colour.
Looking forward to next month:)
anniehartigan said…
Gosh Sheona, Thanks for leaving a comment on my little blogspot. After visiting this site I am not only flattered that you took the time to stop by mine but blown away by your beautiful work. I have signed up to subscribe to your feed and am looking forward to learning a lot from your technique.
"JeanneG" said…
I really like seeing the two together. I wasn't dawn to this pear. It's funny how each of us latches on to a different part of the photo. Very nice job.
Paulette said…
Lovely study!
I think I like everything about it!

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