Finished highland pony drawing

Here is the finished version of my highland show pony. 

A great drawing to produce...I loved using the soluble graphite: never thought I would be able to produce work with a paint brush...!

The trick to this technique seems to be nothing more than layering. Dry "normal" graphite was used as a base layer, I then added a layer of the soluble graphite which I  worked with a "barely" wet brush. This layering was repeated until the finished effect achieved.

Pencil used: Prismacolor water soluble graphite (dark) on Strathmore 400 series Bristol Board Vellum 2-ply.

"Welcome Impact"

Graphite on paper, 21x27 cm

P.S: Hope you like the title. Symbolises both how I feel about discovering this medium and hopefully how the viewer will react when seeing this lovely pony showing off...!


Wow, I love your work! Beautiful!
hbedrosian said…
This is Beautiful - so much movement! I hope you do more pieces using this wet and dry technique.
Five o'clock somewhere (great blog name btw) thank you and welcome to Black on Grey on White.
Holly, thank you! I'm so sure there will be more...visions of the next piece are forming and...I've bought a new extra fine saber brush:)
Linda Shantz said…
Yes, cool title. :-) I keep trying to follow your blog but it won't add me! I wonder if that "follow" widget is buggy or something...
Grahame Butler said…
Great work as always, I love the textures you achieve, I've never heard of soluble Graphite pencil's before, may give them a try if I can find an art shop that sells them.
April Jarocka said…
He's more noble and looks more well behaved than the little highland pony that took off with me one day! Thanks for your comments btw. All the best
Judy said…
You do very nice work, keep it up.
Marsha Robinett said…
This is beautiful...going to have to try these. I've had some water soluable graphite pencils for you've got me excited about their possibilities.

I too hope to see more of this technique from you. Thanks for sharing.
Jo Castillo said…
This is gorgeous and full of life.
Tracy Hall said…
What a great peice, Sheona! I love how he's coming into the frame. I have never heard of soluble graphite, its really interesting to see it - and very effective!
Hello and a great BIG thank you to you all for the positive feedback.
Linda: Promise: I have nothing to do with the wimz of my blog...would love to have you on my followers list. Will be checking for bugs:)

Grahame: I bought my soluble prismacolors online through Dick Blick I also know that Cretacolor make them.

April: I have another great shot of this noble chap crying out to be converted to paper...I think I'll try the Cretacolor...

Judy: thank you and I will!

Marsha: They are fun and interesting...I think it's using a paint brush out of context that's so exciting. Give them a try: I'm so sure you will have a great result as well as fun

Jo: Thank you! (BTW I was very flattered and honoured to read your blogpost about my work...Thank you!)

Tracy: many thanks! I've been bitten by this little soluble graphite bug: just have to do another and will share the steps...
The Tile Lady said…
This is stunning! I am learning about techniques seeing the results of various methods you and others are using. This turned out so beautifully!

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