New canine commission: Rhodesian Ridgeback

After last week's excitement with soluble graphite, I have gone back to familiar territory for my latest commission.
Anton is on the drawing board.  He is a gorgeous gentle and noble Ridgeback.
Here for your viewing is the result of the very first 20 minutes work. 
I always start with the eyes and if I feel they are coming alive carry on with the drawing working from left to right. 

I feel they (Anton's eyes) are alive enough to work from here over the next few days. I will post more steps with technical details as they come along.
(Off now to catch some shut eye before the sunrises.... ciao ciao )


Grahame Butler said…
looks good so far, I have a real problem with any animal fur.
Thanks Grahame, I find that practise has been the only way to "getting" the fur right as well as loving the feel it :)

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